ISX Scoring Powers 2013 Street League World Tour and Street League at X Games

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ISX Scoring Powers 2013 Street League World Tour and Street League at X Games

The ground-breaking, real-time scoring system is cornerstone of first-ever world tour for professional street skateboarding.

Malibu, CA and Portland, OR—ISX Scoring, also known as Instant Scoring eXperience™, is ingrained in the Street
League Skateboarding (SLS) popular, fan-friendly format and has been since the league’s inception. With the recent
partnership announcement between ESPN’s X Games and SLS, ISX Scoring is now the scoring and statistics
cornerstone that will power the real-time scoring and dynamic graphical display of all competition results at the 7-stop Street League World Tour, which includes four Street League at X Games events.

“In partnering with ESPN’s X Games to expand SLS globally it was essential that we could bring the true Street
League experience to each stop,” says SLS creator Rob Dyrdek. “To that end, we believe that having the ISX team
and their original instant-scoring software at every event is beyond crucial. I am excited that this component of the
SLS World Tour is now fully seamless.”

2012 Street League Champion Nyjah Houston talks ISX Scoring, Street League and X Games (video)

The announced agreement between Street League Skateboarding and ESPN expands the league to a 7-stop world
tour for the 2013 series. The first-ever world tour for professional street skateboarding will now include ‘Street League at X Games’ events in Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Los Angeles. The three North American arena events will take
place in Kansas City, MO; Portland, OR; and Newark, NJ. All seven 2013 SLS World Tour events will air on ESPN or

“I had the dream of instant scoring and it’s gratifying to see it come alive not only with Street League but with X
Games, which I’ve worked with for over 15 years, and I’m thankful to everyone at ESPN.” said Paul Taublieb CEO of
Founder of Media-X International (MXi). “What you’re seeing is the evolution of storytelling through numbers, while
enhancing the sports theater experience both live and on television. This is the next big step for ISX – much more to

How ISX Scoring Works

ISX Scoring is developed, marketed and sold through a joint partnership between MXi, Dialsmith, and Rob Dyrdek.
The system uses hand-held dials built on Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer® platform combined with proprietary
software and a graphic interface that instantly captures scores and displays them in a real-time, visually dynamic and
kinetic fashion.

Judges use the hand-held dials to continuously and instantaneously evaluate every trick, run and element as well as
a competitor’s overall performance—all of which is presented using state-of-the-art graphics. This fan- and viewerfriendly format enables television viewers and live audiences to see exactly what the judges are reacting to in realtime, dramatically enhancing the viewing impact and entertainment experience.

“ISX Scoring enables a unique and entertaining competition format where every trick counts and scores are compiled
and displayed in real-time, giving everyone—from the viewers to the competitors—instant access to the standings
and results of the competition as they are happening,” said David Paull, CEO and Founder of Dialsmith. “It’s the
perfect fit for action sports formats, like Street League Skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle moto x and others,
bringing the competition and viewing experience to a whole other level.”

About The 2013 Street League Skateboarding World Tour

The 2013 SLS World Tour will feature 20 of the world’s best street skateboarders competing in an easy-to-follow,
instant scoring format on one-of-a-kind concrete skate plazas with the largest prize purse in skateboard history at $2
million. Each event features the standard league point system necessary for qualification into the SLS Super Crown
World Championship on August 25th at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. In total, the 2013 World Tour will include
11 live broadcasts available in more than 198 countries with more than 40 hours of live content. The 2013 tour will
receive the most expansive television coverage that professional skateboarding has received to-date.

Paul Taublieb, Media-X International, Inc., 310.589.0022 x201
Brian Izenson, Dialsmith, LLC, 503.505.6276

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