Real Time Scoring Comes to Skateboarding and Action Sports!

Real Time Scoring Comes to Skateboarding and Action Sports!  ISX – Instant Scoring eXperience™
Groundbreaking Scoring System to Debut at First Stop of Rob Dyrdek’s Street League Skateboarding™ and on ESPN
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August 22, 2010
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(Malibu, CA) –  It may change the face of skateboarding contests and all judged action sports events: real time, trick-by-trick scoring, with ISX – Instant Scoring eXperience™, making its debut at Rob Dyrdek’s Street League DC Pro Tour, fueled by Monster Energy, on August 28th at the Arena in Glendale, AZ, with coverage airing on ESPN2 on Wed., Sept. 15th, 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern.

“The ISX scoring system is the cornerstone of what this league is all about,” said Street League creator, pro skater and MTV star Rob Dyrdek. “The pros have never been in a position before where they have to skate for strategy and be able to follow what place they’re in at all times,” added Dyrdek, “We’ve added a true buzzer-beater element to the sport in a way never done – or experienced – before.”  The rest of the Street League series includes stops on September 11, at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA, and on September 28, at Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV.  (For further information about Street League or to buy tickets, go to

“Traditionally in skateboarding and all action sports, between the jam formats and time-lag of overall impression judging, there is an emotional disconnect between the fans – live or on TV – undermining the sports theater experience.  Do you have to wait until the end of the quarter to know the score in a football game?  No. And now, whether it’s skateboarding with Street League, or snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding or freestyle moto x, scoring is instant,” explained Paul Taublieb, president/founder of action sports production company Media-X International, Inc. (MXi), who created ISX and developed it in partnership with Dyrdek and cutting-edge data collection and technology company, Dialsmith, LLC.  “With ISX, like in any other sport, the athlete and the fan of action sports will know where they stand, what is the score, at every moment of the competition. And for the first time, ISX brings true transparency and accountability to judged events.”

The key to ISX is the use of hand held dials built on Dialmsith’s Perception Analyzer™ platform, combined in a proprietary fashion with a software program and graphic interface instantly capturing scores and displaying them in a real-time, visually dynamic and kinetic fashion.

“With Rob’s compelling and innovative format, ISX takes skateboarding to a competition where every trick counts and we provide instant, real-time results and standings to arena displays, announcers, the ESPN TV broadcast and even the online fantasy league,” explained David Paull, president of Dialsmith, whose core technology was used for instant feedback during the 2008 presidential debates as seen on CNN, as well as for interactive meetings and television program integration.

“Moreover, ISX is fully customizable for any specific judged event.  And along with trick-by-trick scoring, we can also add an instant overall ‘style’ or ‘flow’ score at the end of a run, weighed to meet any sport’s culture, ethos or format,“ added Paull.  “And unlike any other scoring system, the use of dials allow all the judges to keep their eyes on the competitors for each trick or throughout a run in freestyle moto x, surfing, or a halfpipe or slopestyle run in snowboarding.”

“For Street League,” Taublieb added, “each skater’s specific set of skills will be revealed numerically and statistically, allowing each section to reveal its heroes.  And it’s the same for all action sports – ISX adds live scoring and statistics to create compelling, engaging storytelling like never experienced before. TV replays can break down which tricks iscored what and why –  athletes, and the audience, can now see what how competitors are being scored.  It will bring a new level of strategy and competition analysis to skateboarding and all action sports, along with an enhanced fan and viewer experience, and it all starts this week with Dyrdek and Street League.”
ISX CONTACT for Media or Other Inquiries

Paul Taublieb, Media-X International, Inc., 310-589-0022 x201 or 310-403-8144 (cell)

David Paull, Dialsmith, LLC, 503.505.6271

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